Kayak Daddy: Expertise Based on Experience

Kayak Daddy has evolved from 40 years of worldwide guiding and outfitting, creating a unique paddling adventure for all levels of kayak fishing and paddling.  We are proud of our reputation for crafting outstanding experiences, with attention to every detail being customized to our client's needs.


Our advantages include:

  • Safest possible experiences
  • Attention to every level of detail
  • Complete package tailored to your needs and desires
  • Adventures to suit every level from beginner to advanced
  • Enjoyment for all ages and sizes

Your Contact Person at Kayak Daddy

Capt. Dan Marshall

Your primary fishing and paddling guide




·      Over 40 years of paddling, guiding

        training & maritime experience

·      U.S. Coast Guard licensed Master Captain

        with four additional certifications

·      Paddling, Water Safety, & Boating Instructor

        with three organizations

·      F.C.C. Marine Radio Operator

·      ETA International Marine Radio & Satellite Communications Operator

       w/ seven licenses

·      Advanced First Aid, CPR & ADE w/ Certifications in Nine Classifications

·      OSHA Maritime Related Trainer w/ nine types of certifications

·      Coast Guard annual Medical Physical Examination & Fitness


·      Coast Guard DOT/ USCG Maritime Periodic Drug Testing


·      DOT Extended Marine Transportation Permit

·      Homeland Security Merchant Mariner Certification

·      U.S. Government Seafarers’ Certification

·      U.S. Government Maritime Transportation Workers Identification


·      International Maritime Identification Credentials

·      Military Sealift Command Approval for Active Duty


In Captain Dan’s own words, “These qualifications may be a bit over the top

to paddle a lake, but would you be less dead if you drowned in a lake

paddling or at high seas on a ship?"  Point well taken Captain!


More of the Kayak Daddy Team


Nick assists as a fishing guide and paddling instructor for Kayak Daddy, with years of experience on Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie.


"He is the only fisherman that has ever kept up and even beat me at fishing, ever!  Nick pushes me to fish harder and try new techniques every time we’re out."  Quoted by Kayak Daddy himself.    



John is the Kayak Daddy webmaster, media and marketing guru, avid kayaker, fly fisherman, sportsman and Big Daddy co-conspirer.


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