Press Release: January 1, 2014 (TeamMKF)


Again, Michigan Kayak Team wins the Worldwide Kayak Fishing

The largest, most prestigious and brutal 10 month Kayak Wars Tournament ended December 14, 2013 on an impressive note for Michigan’s Team MKF. Team MKF, short for “Michigan Kayak Fishing,” consists of five pro and semi-pro team members (listed by points); Dan Marshall, Lucian Gizel, Craig Hefner, Nick Cazan and Dan Dalton. Once again Team MKF crushed the world competition of 250 five anglers each teams in 2013, with a total point standing of 19,220. As a reference point, that’s a lead of nearly 8,000 points over their closest competitor. Team MKF’s aggressive fishing tactics earned them once again the world title of the “2013 Worldwide Freshwater Multispecies Kayak Fishing Champions.” The final results are posted on the Kayak Wars Website,

Team MKF’s win was a tremendous achievement. When the Michigan based team was breaking ice to fish, their world competitors in Australia, Hawaii and even Texas, were fishing in shorts. In November and December Team MKF had to deal with bulky gloves, heavy winter coats and de-icing their rod guides. While the icy cold weather did greatly affect Team MKF’s daily catch ratio, Team MKF still ran away with the win!!!  

During the 10 month tournament, Team MKF caught 117 Michigan Master Angler Award fish, with 10 different species. Each team member again this year agreed to only submit a few of their best fish per species to the Master Angler Awards, in an effort to not monopolize the program. 

Although this is a team based tournament, Capt. Dan Marshall, AKA Kayak Daddy, took the “2013 Individual Worldwide Freshwater Multispecies Kayak Fishing Champion”, with a lead of 590 points.

Team MKF represented the club “Michigan Kayak Fishing.” This Michigan based kayak fishing club has a large active regional club membership and had over 6 million web hits last year according to Google’s tracking. Visit the club’s website and informational Blog at

Two of Team MKF’s members are Licensed Coast Guard Master Captains,
Paddling Instructors and kayak fishing guides. Capt. Lucian Gizel kayak guides anglers primarily in Michigan on Lake St. Clair, the Great Lakes and their connecting river systems. Capt. Dan Marshall (Kayak Daddy) guides from Michigan on the Great Lakes and its river systems to the Continent of Africa and many other worldwide locations.


         The following 2013 Team Standing was provided by Kayak Wars Tournament Administrators:







Dan Dalton

Ocean Kayaks




Capt. Lucian Gizel

Ocean Kayaks



Battle Hardened

Craig Hefner

Ocean Kayaks



Kayak Daddy

Capt. Dan Marshall

Ocean Kayaks




Nick Cazan

Ocean Kayaks







  Team’s Total Number of Qualifying Fish Submitted in 2013 was 1556



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