Kayak Daddy Fleet

The following is a list of boats that Kayak Daddy currently has in its paddling fleet.  We maintain an average of 15 kayaks in our fleet during any given year.  Our goal is to provide quality, custom-guided, successful fishing trips for 1 to 4 fishermen, using a wide variety of high-end equipment to achieve success.

As boats wear and technology improves we improve our fleet and upgrade our boats.  We only use Ocean brand kayaks and Old Town Kayaks. We have two hybrids; they're not a kayak or a canoe, but somewhere in the middle of both.


Our paddles range from the $60Carlisle to $450 Lendal.  We generally have our adult clients use a Carlisle Magic Plus, while the kids use a Carlisle Magic.  You're more than welcome to try any of the paddles we have. 

PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices)

We actually have 8 different types of PFDs to assure you a proper, safe fit.  The sizes range from 30-pound child to xxxx-large adults.

Safety Equipment (taken on every trip or outing)

§  Marine Radio Transmitter

§  Cell Phone

§  GPS – Handheld

§  GPS - Chart Plotting, Down Imaging Depth Finder

§  Marine Weather Monitor

§  Digital Compass

§  Magnetic Compass

§  Flare Pistol

§  Air Horn

§  Emergency Lights

§  First Aid Kit


All of the above are U.S. Coast Guard approved. The safety items are all waterproof and are contained in a waterproof floating container.




How stable are kayaks? A picture is worth 1000 words!

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